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To shave or not to shave…..your dog that is

casperSummertime is here and it’s getting hotter outside. Now is the time of year people who want to keep their dog cooled off, shave their coat. While this is ok for some breeds other breeds it can do more harm than good. A Siberian Husky for example people think it is a good idea to shave but that actually removes the dogs natural sun protection and disrupts its ability to naturally cool down. When shaving a breed like a Husky the top layer known as the guard layer is removed exposing their skin to the elements. This can cause many problems but the most dangerous is the inability for the dog to properly regulate their body temperature. This could lead to heatstroke and heatstroke if not caught early and properly treated can lead to death. So before you take your dog to the groomer or bust out the shaver, read up on your dog breed and make sure shaving them is helping and not creating a potential disaster.

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Mosquitoes are hatching!!

It’s that time of year for mosquitoes. Just today I was in a yard scooping and was attacked by a swarm and made me remember it is also time to get your dog on heartworm medicine. Mosquitoes can transmit heartworms to your dog and if they are not on heartworm prevention can cause serious illness up to killing them.12848214-mosquito-hunter

Its that time to choose what comes first! Cut the grass or clean the pet waste?


Now that the rain is falling and the temps are on the rise, yards are starting to grow. This is also the time of year that causes a dilemma for a pet waste removal business and lawn mowing services. Most lawn mowing services in my experience do not want pet waste that has built up over the winter still in the yard when they mow. The normal reaction would be to have our company come out and get the waste cleaned up. If it is caught before the grass gets to tall then we can come out clean up the pet waste and dispose of it, but if the grass has already gotten to long we won’t be able to get all the waste that is there. We can get what is closer to the surface and when the grass gets cut there may be waste uncovered that is closer to the ground. So is it too late? Not if you’re in one of our service areas and can get on the schedule for this week. The grass is growing and if we can get in and clean up the pet waste from winter your yard will be ready for its first cut.

Stop chewing on my shoes!


So your dog likes to chew? Then let me introduce you to the Kong! Most dog owners have not only heard of a Kong but probably own one. Kongs are great chew toys that come in many sizes and can last for a long time. Why then would I take the time to point out a product most dog owners know about? Well most dog owners just give the Kong to the dog and thats it. Kongs are made of rubber and have an empty space inside. That empty space can keep your pet busy for a while. Just take some dog treats, peanut butter, hot dogs, or any favorite treat and stuff the Kong with it. Then put a hard treat or kibble in the end blocking the hole to make it more of a challenge to get to the good stuff. Some people fill up a Kong with wet dog food then place it in the freezer for a hot summer day treat. The idea is to give your dog something to chew on other than your shoes!

Help my dog is destroying my house!

Like most pet owners we have to leave our dogs at home to entertain themselves when they can’t be there. While some crate train their dog a lot of dog owners like to let the dog have the run of the house or at least a room. Some dogs are ok with this but there are those that will take this time to keep themselves entertained and what they find entertaining you may call destruction.

Have you ever come home to find chairs chewed, shoes torn apart, stuffed animals or pillows ripped to shreds? Your pet isn’t just looking to cause as much damage as possible they are keeping themselves busy. They are board! Just as we get board when we are stuck at home. While there are many different solutions to this I wanted to introduce the Buster Cube.

The Buster Cube is a plastic square toy that has a maze inside. The Buster Cube comes in different sizes to accommodate different sized dogs. The idea behind the cube is to keep your dogs mind active by offering a puzzle and by solving the puzzle your dog will get a reward. Simply take the cube and put your dogs dry kibble into the hole and as it fills shake the cube to move the kibble from the hole into the maze inside the cube. I usually put about two cups for my dogs which takes the place of a meal. Once the Buster Cube is full you can set the cube for easy or hard depending on how well your dog knows the cube. In the beginning easy is best. Place the cube on the ground with your dog and roll it. As the cube rolls it will dispense some of the food. Once your dog knows all it needs to do is keep it rolling to get a treat they will be knocking the cube around until it’s empty. This is one way to keep your dogs mind active and focused on something other than that couch cushion. If you’re not sure where to get a Buster Cube check out the link below and pick one up from Amazon.

Great Deals on Pet Supplies at Amazon

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Temperatures are falling!

snowdog With falling temps into the negative take the time and make some arrangements for your dog that stays outside. Dogs even those breeds that are “snow dogs” need some protection from the cold. If you cannot bring them inside please make sure they have a shelter to go into. That could be a garage that is pet friendly, a dog house, enclosed porch, or even a covered dog crate. This will help them get out of the wind and protect them from the cold. Their coat will protect them and do a good job but the wind can cut through some of it and still cause a problem. There should also be some sort of bedding for them to curl up into. Hay or blankets work but it should be deep enough for the dog to curl up in out of the wind. A water dish that will keep the water from freezing is also a must. Dogs always need access to fresh water even in the snow. Dogs can suffer from hypothermia and frost byte if precautions are not taken. These are just some tips but contact your Vetranarian for a more detailed guide or if possible just bring them inside.

January Thaw!

Temps are on the rise this week and are expected to melt the snow. Give us a call to schedule a large pet waste clean up.playing_dogs