Summertime heat is on the way. Don’t lock your dog in the car!

hot-car-hot-oven2I see it every summer. Nice summer day, sun is out, time for a ride in the car with the dog. While I am out the phone rings and it’s the wife asking me to stop at the store. Not a problem I am out anyway and it will only take a few minutes. I stop at the store roll up the window but leave it cracked since the dog is in there and he needs fresh air. What people forget in that scenario is even though the windows are cracked the summertime heat will begin to build in the car. As your dog sits it will begin to pant to cool down. If your 10 minute stop turns into a longer one this situation could turn deadly for your dog. If you are traveling with your dog don’t leave it locked in a hot car. It doesn’t take much for heat stroke to set in or the police to show up and break the dog out.