Is that puddle safe to drink for your dog or is it poison?

Dog_Hlth_AntifrzePsn_99737194 Ever take your dog for a nice walk after it rains? Sometimes it’s still a bit muggy and your pet needs a drink so it stops by the puddle and takes a swig. The problem with this is most puddles are near the street or drive where people tend to work on cars or park cars. Antifreeze is very deadly to pets and it doesn’t take much to poison them. Next time you’re out with your dog keep a bottle of water with a spout for them to drink from. Or bring a collapsible water dish to ensure they are drinking good clean water.

Summertime heat is on the way. Don’t lock your dog in the car!

hot-car-hot-oven2I see it every summer. Nice summer day, sun is out, time for a ride in the car with the dog. While I am out the phone rings and it’s the wife asking me to stop at the store. Not a problem I am out anyway and it will only take a few minutes. I stop at the store roll up the window but leave it cracked since the dog is in there and he needs fresh air. What people forget in that scenario is even though the windows are cracked the summertime heat will begin to build in the car. As your dog sits it will begin to pant to cool down. If your 10 minute stop turns into a longer one this situation could turn deadly for your dog. If you are traveling with your dog don’t leave it locked in a hot car. It doesn’t take much for heat stroke to set in or the police to show up and break the dog out.

Its that time to choose what comes first! Cut the grass or clean the pet waste?


Now that the rain is falling and the temps are on the rise, yards are starting to grow. This is also the time of year that causes a dilemma for a pet waste removal business and lawn mowing services. Most lawn mowing services in my experience do not want pet waste that has built up over the winter still in the yard when they mow. The normal reaction would be to have our company come out and get the waste cleaned up. If it is caught before the grass gets to tall then we can come out clean up the pet waste and dispose of it, but if the grass has already gotten to long we won’t be able to get all the waste that is there. We can get what is closer to the surface and when the grass gets cut there may be waste uncovered that is closer to the ground. So is it too late? Not if you’re in one of our service areas and can get on the schedule for this week. The grass is growing and if we can get in and clean up the pet waste from winter your yard will be ready for its first cut.