What is red and used in things dogs eat, yet are toxic to dogs?

Zeuscar Have any idea what is red, is a food humans eat all the time, is used as an ingredient that dogs eat, and yet has toxic properties? If you guessed a tomato plant you are ahead of me in the knowledge department. Pictured here is my buddy Zeus and over the weekend we had a little (big) issue with diarrhea. Diarrhea in dogs is pretty normal every now and then but when it’s constant and a puppy it could be trouble. It can lead to dehydration and to a puppy that’s not good. After some heavy investigative work and working through my yard to figure out what is in the yard that could cause this. I realized the only thing in my yard that was different from my other dogs was our vegetable garden. A little known fact about the tomato plant is it’s in the nightshade family and although the tomato won’t do much damage the green leaves are toxic. So if you’re dealing with a dog that has a sour stomach you might want to take a look around to see if you lost some leaves off your tomato plants.